Friday, January 3, 2014

Blogging Commitment 2014

I have decided to turn over a new leaf.  (Well several new leaves) this coming year.

Starting with blogging.  Something I intended to do five years ago when I joined and never did.

I was uncertain that I could or would or even wanted to talk about beads and beading every day.  Or even once a week.  And Have decided coming into this new year of cleaning, purging, creating and loving myself and my people that beading is not what the blog is about.  It is.  But , it isn't.

The beading, Is my self expression.  It is how I take feelings, thoughts and very personal visions and express them or interpret them into something people can see.

I use beads to spill my guts.  I use them to express what I otherwise can't.  I use beads to make money.  To sell, to trade, to fundraise, to feed my soul, to teach and learn.  So it is about beads.  But the beads are not able to stand alone without me.

So in this year I will attempt to share more than I normally do.  Express more.  Create more.  Clear some clutter and share the honest truth of the challenges many of us face or, rather that I face.  I will do my best to put forward what I can, as honestly as I can, either through words or my art.

So welcome to my first real post.  The post about nothing, really except my desire to commit to something manageable.

No first page would be complete without a link of some kind.  So I leave you today with a link to my completely neglected website

another link:
to my also neglected facebook fan page:

And a great image of one of my many crazy antlers taken by

Dawn Marie Spaulding


  1. What a wonderful news! I am very much looking forward to reading an learning more from you!

  2. I appreciate that! I look forward to learning how to blog about what I am doing and to blogging about people and their art! People like you, for instance!