Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sometimes Life is REALLY GOOD!

Yesterday  was one of those days that brought home to me that I have a lot of good stuff going on.  It was good to be reminded of such things because this whole winter has finally gotten to me.   I woke up feeling gloomy because there was brand new heavy snow on the ground and it's enough already!

Having been a beader for most of my 53 years on the planet I don't get impressed very often.  But....... there are a few beaders out there that impress me with their individuality, their talent and with their generosity of spirit.   Today 2 things impacted me because of  2 of the few beady people the people I admire!

My day opened with one of my Beading Heroines, Eva Maria Keiser blessing me with a second blog post in her Artisan Colorway series!  In this series she explores color choices artists make in their bead work.  I love that she chose some of my Antlers as her subject.  You can see her post at the link below. But Please stop and pause while you are on her blog and take a moment to check out Eva Marias work.  She is Amazing!  A true innovator and an inspiration!

Waking up to that was uplifting and made me smile. A happy beginning to my day and I would have been content with that alone

BUT ..........Then....unexpectedly in the mail........ Drumroll............

I got my advance copy of Diane Hydes new book,
 BREAK the RULES Bead Embroidery! 

IT is a GOOD ONE!  It is really going to take the bead world by storm.  I Love Dianes work and  I Love that she was able to articulate the idea of being  your own person in your beadwork.  This book is the first of its kind and you will love it!

For me the real personal pride comes from the fact The gallery features 4 pieces made by us. I am sure you can all imagine how proud and honored We felt to be invited to submit work to this book,  We worked our tails off making new things and keeping it all under wraps while the pieces were chosen and the book was being published.  Its hard to keep secrets like that!  I was so excited to see this book at long last.  The process of waiting is so agonizing and you keep all that you worked on hidden for so long that it's just so freeing to finally spill it!

Dianes book is available on Amazon!  and it is a winner!

We also have 3 pieces in the Steampunk Springfield Exhibit at  The Springfield Museums in Springfield Massachusetts!   If you've never been this is a sweet place and worth the trip! We love these museums and recommend you come and check the place out when you are driving around New England!  We are proud to have our work in this Exhibit which will be up until September 28th 2014

HOWEVER IF YOU ARE AROUND NEXT WEEKEND a special surprise is in store.......You can come to a special Meet the artist Event from 3 to 5pm April 27th!  WE will be there along with other artists to answer questions and talk and whatever!  We would love to see you there!

Today was a great day to remember what it is that I do and that for now anyway I am blessed with the ability to keep doing it!  Today I am reminded of the admiration so many of us have for each others work and how nice it is to share that with each other and the world!